GPS Fleet Tracking Systems enable any organization with a mobile workforce to track location, speed, history, stops, idle time and many more statuses of vehicles anywhere, nearly in real time.  Managers or dispatchers can track their fleets from anywhere in the world they have internet access, including with a smart phone.  Robust reporting suites allow users to go back in time to see location history or many other data sets to improve fleet productivity, customer response times and profitability.  Albany Communications provides local service and installation of units while offering services through a national carrier with outstanding back office support and technical resources.  We offer competitive monthly rates along with a local sales and service presence. Call now for a free quote or demonstration!

Analog two way radio systems offer budget conscious customers the ability to communicate directly between radios on-site or over wide areas through the addition of a repeater located either on a hilltop or building rooftop.  Mobile radios offer higher power for longer range and are generally mounted in vehicles.  Portable radios, or walkie-talkies, provide convenience when mobile workers are untethered from a vehicle. An FCC license protects you from unauthorized users interfering with your system and is required for most systems.  We will recommend an appropriate system for your application and take care of all FCC licensing so you can focus on your expertise, and leave the technical details to us.


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Analog Two Way Radios.

Digital Two Way Radios

 Digital two way radio systems bring a whole new level of sophistication and quality to wireless communications. Never again have to deal with scratchy, unintelligible transmissions.  Digital radios offer a higher level of assurance that your communications won't be listened into by unwanted individuals.  A digital system can incorporate multiple, linked repeaters to create a robust, wide area network connecting multiple locations, buildings, campuses or even cities.  With internet connectivity there is no limit to our ability to design you a system that lets you talk wherever you want.  Digital systems also offer a vast number of applications that can be interfaced to work with your radios for such things as GPS Tracking, HVAC system controls or monitoring, text messaging, etc.  Additionally you can have the ability to talk one to one or one to many with almost no limit to the number of groups or individual calls that can be set up.  Finally, with digital radios, your frequency can carry two voice or digital communications at one time, effectively doubling your bandwidth!  And the good news is that digital radios are also cost effective.  Why not call us now to find out if a digital radio system is right for you?

​WiFi Communication Systems.

RADIO Communication over WiFi utilizes an installed or existing network of WiFi Access Points to provide seamless digital communications throughout a building or any area covered by a WiFi Network.  Users can be configured into separate Talk Groups in order to provide individual communication paths between independent groups of users such as Maintenance, Security or Administration.  Communication can take place between individual users, groups or all users on the system.  Users can also send and receive short text messages.  This system is ideal for any operation that has a facility wide WiFi Network and would like to add wireless communication to improve efficiency.  This system does not require an FCC License.

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GPS Fleet Tracking Systems.